Everything You Need to Know About Reselling Supreme

We show you the best way to flip your Supreme pieces. Supreme is one of the world's most sought after brands, especially since the brand's inception


Everything to know of Supreme

Supreme is one of the world's most sought after brands. Since the brand's inception, James Jebbia and company has grown to be an international titan, with sell out collections and collaborations season, after season. Not like this clout is undeserved; Supreme has been subverting the norm since the early '90s, and much like Stüssy before it, it's been a global mark of cool.

As of the last few years, the brand has become associated with hypebeast culture, primarily for its ability to sell just about anything with its name on it. People line up around the block on Thursday just to secure a chance to cop, and countless others camp by their computers as the clock ticks closer to 11 a.m. Eastern Time, with hopes that the thing they've got their eye on doesn't sell out in literal seconds.

Enter resellers.

With such sought-after collections, a deep reseller's market has cropped up, with lucky guys flipping their Supreme purchases like rare kicks. While we're not fans of resellers for taking the pieces we want, we're going to show you how to flip Supreme on the "gray market"—if you're lucky enough to cop on release day, that is. We don't expect a lot of people to be happy with this article. This is How to Resell Supreme

Do your market research.

If you're going to camp outside, do it right.

Have realistic expectations about how much you can sell items for.

Determine the kinds of items that there isn't an aftermarket for.

Clothing with the classic box logo on it will always be desirable.

Any Supreme collaboration will likely be covetable.

You don't really need a bot.

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When standing  in line is not an option (either by circumstance or by choice) then you'll join the sea of others lying in wait to cop online. Much like coveted sneaker drops (or training for athletic events), buying Supreme online is all about preparation. Start by storing your credit card and delivery information in your browser. When buying items comes down to the second, time typing in your information, is time wasted. Also, using a fast connection (looking at you, work computers and academic computer labs) can help give you a little edge.

Another thing Supreme drops have pulled from sneaker releases is the use of bots. While we don't necessarily advocate the use of bots to cop anything, bots basically store everything from your size to your shipping address, and can ultimately use automatic settings to make shopping a matter of two or three clicks, as opposed to two or three minutes. Copping one adds to your initial investment, and can sometimes cost more than the item you want to buy. Not to mention, if you end up striking out anyway, then you're without your dignity and the money you spent on a bot.

It's all about that liquidity, so sell quickly.

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