Here's How Desiigner, Amber Rose, Fat Joe, and More Celebrities Feel About Young Thug's 'Jeffery' Cover Art

Desiigner, Amber Rose, Fat Joe, and more celebrities at the VMAs gave their opinions on Young Thug's 'Jeffery' cover art.

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Hip-hop fans have not hesitated in sharing their opinions about Young Thug's Jeffery cover art, which finds him wearing a frilly, purple dress and hat. But what do celebrities think? Complex decided to find out at the 2016 MTV VMAs, asking celebs like Amber Rose, Desiigner, Fat Joe, and A$AP Ferg about their thoughts on the ensemble.

Amber Rose expressed the most vocal support, decrying the hip-hop community for being "very homophobic." She also noted that people made disparaging comments her three-year-old son for wearing a wig. "You can wear whatever you want and it doesn't change your sexuality or who you're attracted to."

Many rappers also expressed support. Desiigner called it "art," saying it looked like a "pretty, beautiful bird," and A$AP Ferg said it was "So Young Thug. It's like the glam rock, hipster, gangsta, turnt up stuff. That's Young Thug."

Fat Joe, on the other hand, didn't sound so excited about it. "I know I would never wear a dress. I don't know nothing about this guy, but..." he said, trailing off. You can check out their thoughts in the video above.

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