Will Smith Launches Limited Edition ‘Fresh Prince’ Merch

Will Smith posted on his Instagram to tease the colorful 'Fresh Prince' merch.

Will Smith

Image via Getty/Axelle/Bauer-Griffin

Will Smith

Will Smith has been an absolute joy since he joined Instagram, using the platform for everything from short comedy sketches to accurate recreations of his son Jaden's music videos. Now he's using his account to showcase a new line of throwback Fresh Prince of Bel-Air merch, but he couldn't help but make a dad joke in providing his own sound effects in the clip.

On Thursday, the 50-year-old actor gave his fans a preview of the colorful merch he's dropping, but he warned the items will only be available for a 72 hours. Making his own "woosh" sounds as he flicks through all the t-shirts, he also highlights an interesting heat reactive top that changes color when it comes into contact with warmth.

The collection also includes some keychains, hats, notebooks, and numerous multi-packs of shirts. Recently, Will Smith offered his thoughts on a fan-made Fresh Prince reboot trailer, which reimagines the classic sitcom as a gritty drama. He also joined his son onstage at Coachella, appearing at his set during a performance of "Icon."

The merch is available for a limited amount of time here.

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