Since joining Instagram in December, Will Smith has made up for lost time and quickly become one of our favorite follows. His Christmas sleigh ride, boat adventure, and crocodile feeding posts were already legendary. But today, he one-upped himself.

Will recreated his son Jaden Smith's "Icon" music video, and it's just as hilarious as it sounds.

Decked out in an oversized gold chain, fake grill, and denim, Will faithfully duplicates the original—even coloring his hair for the occasion. His attempt at a moonwalk didn't work out quite as well in his dad appropriate slippers, though.

"Congrats on 100,000,000 Spotify streams, Jaden! It is a delicious gift to a parent to admire his children. Keep doin’ you!" Will wrote in the video's description. Earlier in the day, Jaden's new album SYRE hit 100 million plays on the streaming service.

If for some reason, you haven't already, make sure to go follow Will Smith on Instagram right now and see how the recreation compared to his son's original below.