The release of Pop Smoke's critically celebrated posthumous debut Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon—which saw a deluxe reissue on what would have been the artist's 21st birthday earlier this month—was complemented by the launches of several tribute capsules. 

In a new interview with Women's Wear Daily, manager Steven Victor spoke candidly on the emotions surrounding these posthumous collections. He also looked ahead to what he and his team are aiming to accomplish in Pop's honor in the coming months and years.

Victor looked back on conversations he had with Pop Smoke about his own intentions on moving further into the realm of fashion design.

"I would take it in stride super early on and thought let's focus on the music first and once you're stable as an artist then let's dabble," he said. "He would always talk about fashion. I thought he was just saying it because it was cool for rappers to say. Then over the months I realized he did have his own sense of style."

And Pop's impact on fashion, of course, was just as palpable. In fact, per Victor, Pop's still-in-heavy-rotation 2019 megahit "Dior" may now lead to a collaboration with the brand of the same name

Victor did caution in the WWD piece that keeping the preservation of the legacy is at the forefront of all such decisions, meaning it's up to him and his team to be highly selective about what bears Pop's name. Still, Dior is not only in the cards but is said to be a subject of discussion between Victor and the brand.

"You can't say that Pop didn't have some sort of influence on Dior, especially in the urban community," Victor said. "I'm going to see [Dior men's artistic director Kim Jones] and talk to him about that on some level. Maybe next year for Pop's birthday."

The deluxe edition of Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon is out now and features a whopping total track count of 34 songs. On release day, an official video for "The Woo" featuring Roddy Ricch and album executive producer 50 Cent was shared:

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