The Supreme and Takashi Murakami collab tee in support of COVID-19 relief is, as expected, being flipped for outsized profits on resale sites.

The tee was announced this week at a $60 price point, with all proceeds going to Help USA, an organization with a focus on ensuring "everyone has a place to call home." Now, Supreme has received a dash of criticism due to the shirts being resold for as high as—at the time of this writing, anyway—$1,500 on Grailed.

Image via Grailed

Over on StockX, meanwhile, the tee has been going for as high as $900, with the average sale price at the time of this writing standing at $696. The average StockX price premium over the original retail price was at 1,066.7 percent.

Of course, it's worth pointing out here that both Grailed and StockX have made announcements clarifying how they are going to help contribute in light of the Supreme x Takashi Murakami drop.

"We've been listening closely to our community's feedback regarding this unique Supreme release," a Grailed rep said earlier this week, adding that the site's proceeds from all sales of the tee will be given "directly back to" Help USA. "We feel this is a small, but appropriate way to follow Supreme's good example."

StockX said they will donate a portion of proceeds from the sales of the tee to charity for the next 30 days.