That’s a wrap...

This past Friday, Nike’s CROWN LEAGUE closed out its fourth season at Ryerson University’s Kerr Hall Stadium. Toronto’s most dedicated basketball fans made sure the game was at full capacity to celebrate their love for the sport and show even more for our city’s homegrown ballers.

The final night took on a refreshing change and opened up with the Toronto’s women’s team take on Canada’s women’s U18 team; defeating them with a score of 54-46.

For fourth and third place, Northern Kings took on 6Man and defeated them with a nail-biting score of 75-71.The final game saw team 1 Love T.O. defeat the reigning champions, M.A.D.E, with a score of 69-61; ultimately claiming this year’s royalty.

As Toronto’s most loyal and dedicated fans were watching from all around the court, our team here at Complexwas on the lookout for 2018’s most stylish final draft pick. Take a look below and see if you made the cut at the final week of Nike’s CROWN LEAGUE.