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Mere days after noted god of fuck Marilyn Manson brightened October by likening the mind of a certain Hillsong member to that of a squirrel, the frontman of A Twisted Christmas hitmakers Twisted Sister has shared his own thoughts on the commodification of band tees.

Dee Snider, who sadly does not follow @four_pins on Twitter, informed the world he was sickened by "this new trend" of presumed non-metal fans rocking vintage (or faux vintage) metal tees. "Metal is not ironic!" Snider wrote. "Dicks." What these "dicks" don't realize, Snider added, is that skulls and horns and whatnot are symbols of a true community.

In subsequent tweets, Snider praised Lady Gaga for being a genuine fan of the metal vibes. That praise, however, did not extend to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Snider also made an astute observation about the general entertainment level of his own tweets.

A wide variety of arguably important people—including Justin Bieber, Jaden Smith, Travis Scott, Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner, and the writer of this article—have made a habit over the past two years or so of indiscriminately wearing metal and/or general rock-adjacent band tees. For Bieber, the rock 'n' roll cribbing was taken to baffling heights with his Purpose-era merch that included a classic Marilyn Manson design.

Manson has spoken out in great detail about his disapproval of the design surrounding the release of his Heaven Upside Down album, which resulted most notably in a squirrels-angering interview in which Manson theorized that Bieber was currently deep in a "sexual religious cult with the Asian version of Dave Navarro."

Tragically, the whole vintage/faux vintage band tee trend may have already died anyway.