Kylie Jenner, noted Marilyn Manson aficionado and artful Instagrammer, created quite the digital ruckus on Monday after she allegedly shared and quickly deleted a devilish 'gram purportedly aimed at her headlines-crashing brother Rob Kardashian:

The clearly lolz-inspired 'gram was (of course) captured by The Shade Room, apparently prompting an equally lolz-inspired response from Rob himself. However, dedicated Instagram comment warriors aren't very interested in the joke's potential place in the saga of Blac Chyna.

Instead, a bunch of dummies are actually convinced that this is proof of the Kardashian fam's penchant for devil worshiping:

The Shade Room
The Shade Room / VH1
The Shade Room / VH1

Indeed. These are actual comments from actual human beings.

However, at least one person has a far more important concern:

In related news, Kylie was here.