The characters you are about to see range from homicidal to demonic. They've defined a generation of metalheads while inciting controversy and protests in their wake. In many instances, these images were even more powerful than the music when it came to scaring the shit out of religious groups who believed these bands were Satan's messengers.

The early days of Metal are long gone, but many of these shirts have been re-printed and can still be found online or at your local head shop. When I was growing up, there was a standard metalhead uniform that consisted of one of these tees paired with a leather jacket, acid washed jeans, and black hi-top basketball sneakers. If you really wanted to kick it up, long feathered hair and a pre-pubescent mustache were the finishing touches that would ensure a guidance counselor asking for a urine sample. Mr. Shneebly taught us that "You're not hardcore unless you live hardcore." Finding yourself one of these shirts is a great way to start melting faces.

With Halloween upon us, we present The 10 Best Heavy Metal T-Shirts of All Time.

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