Back in 2014, we put you on to the exploits of super talented artist Instagrandmaw and her pop culture-inspired birthday and holiday cards. For Valentine's Day 2014, she created cards for your significant other/crush with illustrations of Drake, Cam'ron, Juelz Santana, and Jim Jones. Well, she's back for 2016 with a new set of V-Day cards that'll be sure to earn you some brownie points. This year's lineup features DJ Khaled, Future, and Presidential hopeful Cardi B.

We reached out to Instagrandmaw to ask her about her artistic style and why she chose Future, Khaled, and Cardi for this year's set:

On her style:

"My style is basically unconventional greeting cards inspired by growing up in New York, hip-hop, and Internet culture. I make cards of artists and people that have personally inspired me. It started out in 2013 as a joke to impress my boo. But then they got a really positive reaction from a lot of people when I shared them. It's been poppin' ever since."

On DJ Khaled:

"Khaled's Snapchat is one big motivational speech, so I knew I had to make a card for him. It was a no brainer. I usually choose people who's message touches a lot of people and Khaled definitely fit that for this year."

On Future:

"The Future "sensational" meme is my favorite meme. The whole Nardwuar interview is amazing. I think using the "sensational" clip as a romantic card makes it more unexpected and that's something I'm always trying to play with."

On Cardi B:

"I had to make a Cardi B card. This is probably the card I'm most proud of. She's real as fuck and that's what people like about her, so of course I had to make a card that captured that feeling."

Check out the Future and Cardi B cards below. They're $8 each and can be purchased on her Etsy shop and in-store at American Two Shot and Urban Outfitters in New York City and pretty much guarantee you'll get laid this Valentine's Day.


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