There was once a time when saggy jeans were actually considered cool. But, like with many trends, people got carried away and shit became ridiculous—even to the point where pants were laying underneath the ass. It wasn’t a good look then, and it isn’t a good look now. But despite our relentless opposition, this whole saggy pants fad is making a comeback, apparently.

First it was JNCO’s announcement to relaunch its ultra-baggy jeans this year, and now it’s a New Jersey company that’s providing a line of "designer jeans" that let you to adjust your level of sag without flashing the general public. The brand responsible for these joints is called Sagz Jeans. Obviously.

The collection delivers patented-jeans in a range of different styles. The zipper-fly pieces feature snap-in boxers with three levels of adjustable buttons, as well as an inner-snap waistband so you can sag your pants to your liking. Now, you have to give some credit to the designers (a team of three teenagers who launched the brand in 2011) for their creativity and ingenuity; however these pants are just plain bad. At least the original trend had some element of authenticity, as it was inspired by prison inmates who had no choice but to wear ill-fitting, oversized trousers. But the fact that people are engineering these types of clothes with detachable built-in underwear is just, well, whack.

Check out the pants in the image above. If for some reason you’d like to learn more about the brand and its offerings, head to Sagz Jeans' website. And if you're compelled to purchase a pair or two, just make sure you avoid rocking them in Florida ... or in a subway ... or during your next robbery attempt