Before getting into it, let's collectively pledge to never go back to the style of baggy pants that were ubiquitous in the '90s and early 2000s. JNCO jeans and UFO parachute pants are a relic of that era that we should just agree to pretend didn't happen, like Staind and the Internet not being awesome yet. Baggy pants were such a force that their counterpart, skinny jeans, became a phenomenon just by flying in the face of the norm. And while we don't endorse meggings or rocking your girl's pants, it's pretty obvious that a slimmer cut has prevailed over the earlier styles that could've been mistaken for hockey goalie pads.

But there have been a few recent sightings of guys wearing baggy pants and pulling it off. This may have been lost in the hubbub of guys wearing skirts, and it's still very rare, but we've slowly and surely seen pants that aren't too tight to fit one's knots. Remarkably, they've been able to do it without looking like Wu-Tang impersonators from 1999.. This is definitely a move that we are endorsing with much reservation, because it has the potential to make you look like you're still living in 2003, but it's an interesting development we should all keep our eyes on.

What's exciting about occasionally seeing baggy pants on dudes is that it shows a level of individual thinking and willingness to experiment with silhouette. These guys are deviating from the constant barrage of bloggers and style advisers talking about a more slim trouser and learning to size down. Sure, that's definitely one course, but if you have the confidence and sense to try baggy pants then there's a chance you can pull it off. 

We've seen plenty of rappers and style icons messing around with the layering and proportioning of their top halves. Led by guys like A$AP Rocky and Kanye West, who use brands like Hood By Air, Rick Owens, Alexander Wang, and a grip of obscure Japanese brands, it's more than common now to see dudes with, for example, an extra long T-shirt under a cropped mid-weight piece with an oversized jacket. This gives so much more texture and personality to an outfit than just simply wearing a standard look. It now looks like guys are set to start messing around on their lower halves for similar reasons.

Slim pants are great, but they're pretty boring. Wearing baggy pants can, when done right, allow you to incorporate slouch, pooling, and ruffling that add texture and a super interesting silhouette to your look. Again, having your ass out will only lead to trouble, and going baggy is a move reserved for those who are truly seeking next level and/or genuinely don't give a fuck, and offers us the opportunity to give the middle finger to trends the masses endorse—one of the things we most love about style.

If you have big sartorial balls that have been getting crushed in the now-standard slim cut, then go ahead and try something different. You won't be the first to rock a baggy look in 2013, but you'll definitely be at the front of the pack. Baggy pants aren't hands-down cool yet, but cool guys are definitely making a case for them.

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