It looks like there's a positive to sagging pants: They stop crimes. You hear that, Don Lemon? A man in Brooklyn stands accused of punching a woman in her face and stealing her cell phone before fleeing. He didn't make it far; his pants, which were hanging off of his ass, impeded his getaway.

The crime occurred yesterday afternoon, right near Brooklyn Criminal Court. Witnesses described the spectacle, saying 21-year-old Joel Donaldson was "zigzagging all over the place," unable to escape because his jeans were slipping off. He made one final attempt to run after being seen by police, but his pants were "completely down to his ankles" about a block later. Escape failed.

Police, who apparently didn't have a problem with tackling a man with his pants around his ankles, tackled Donaldson and arrested him. He was charged with robbery and assault.

Apologies for this, but it's just too perfect:

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