There’s never a dull moment when riding NYC’s subways. Any day—or night—you can find break-dancers, acapella groups, or people passed out in their own vomit. And in the number of fights that probably occur on the subway on a weekly basis, the latest was started over someone refusing to pull up their saggy pants.

The incident apparently all started when a man asked an individual to pull up his pants because his butt was near his face—if you ride the subway, you know how that feels. The individual with saggy pants refused, and then all chaos broke loose. The video poster, who forgot to scream "World Star!" in the video, added this caption as a description on YouTube:

Man in the purple shirt asked the man in the red/black to pull up his pants (his rear-end was hanging out) and he said no. Man in the purple freaked out saying he is being disrespectful etc. Next thing you know the man in the red is sailing towards me thrown by the guy in purple, the busy train seperates [sic] and makes room. He proceedes [sic] to smash him into the bench, another guy tries to intervene and is held back.

Were the New York state senators on the right track with their "Stop the Sag" campaign afterall?

[via nymag]