It shouldn’t be a shock by now that Florida produces some of the weirdest news to occur on both sides of the law. The latest comes from the city of Ocala, which, in its second attempt, finally passed an ordinance that fines and jails people who sag their pants.

Offenders are defined as people who wear their pants "two inches below their natural waist in a way that exposes underwear or bare buttocks.” And yes, plumber's crack “will get a warning like everybody else," said City Attorney Patrick Gilligan.

Councilwoman Mary Rich, who proposed the new law, says she views sagging pants as a form of disrespect. She hopes that her call for decency can make the saggy pant wearers “a better citizen.”

The topic of sagging pants has often always drawn mixed reactions. Cries of racism and racial profiling are some of those responses when other cities around the US passed similar laws. But whether people think the law is is justified or not, there have to be some more important issues to focus on in Florida rather than telling people how to dress.

[via Fashionista]