J.Crew is an excellent source for quality clothes at a solid price, through even we can get sticker shock at their prices. Sure the quality sets the standard for “middle fashion” (above fast fashion, below a luxury brand), but most guys can admit that certain pieces just aren't worth that price every single time, especially when you have labels like Uniqlo out here killing the “low-price, multiple-wear” game. Enter J.Crew Factory.

Yes, it's a J.Crew outlet chain, but when you're getting J.Crew gear, for a price that's (in some cases) $100 or more below the original price, then you have to do a double take. When buying from the Factory line, look for identifiers like the two diamonds under the “R” on the logo tag, which savvy shoppers will see, and be quick to point out. But when the price is that low, combined with the likelihood of someone actually calling out your blazer as “Factory,” then the monetary benefits easily outweigh any risk.