Yuketen is a brand that will always be near and dear to my heart. First, because they make dope fucking shoes. Second, because they were the first brand to ever let me take photos of their booth at Capsule. This was back when Capsule was in this weird synagogue that got converted to a church that got converted to a concert and event space. Anyways, the Yuketen crew were super welcoming and invited me to take pics and we talked about my favorite models they made and I got some cool backstories and, all in all, left quite content and satisfied. So, yeah, Yuketen is great and their lookbooks are always signature Yuketen and feature not only wild shoes, but dope fits most likely sourced from their sister brand Monitaly. Peep their newest S/S 15  join and act like you don't want at least two or three pairs of shoes you see. Personally, I want both pairs of white sneakers. Yuketen always without a single fucking doubt fits my non-tenured, but very popular with the students professor at a small liberal arts college look.