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Stussy Toronto and Reps Up, Drake's crew, are releasing a limited edition collection later today. According to a store rep, the line was designed by Matte Babel of Fuse News and Matt George of Ransom, Nomad, Stussy Toronto and Vancouver, amongst others. Both also happen to be from the 416. 

"They're good friends, so it would make sense," the store rep said about Babel and George.

Included in the line are T-shirts with a finger print on the front, as well as hoodies and longsleeve shirts with a fictional $1,000 Canadian bill and the words "Thorough Bread" on the back (the black versions use 3m, by the way).

The full offering will be available tonight at the pre-sale party at Stussy Toronto, the same place where Drake's Nothing Was the Same pop-up happened. Any items that don't sell out will be in-store the following day, although a store rep says "it'll definitely be gone by tomorrow. People have already been calling about them." 

Drake and the rest of his OVO crew have been spotted in the tees and sweaters in the last few days, posting images on Twitter and Instagram. The word is out and people have their eyes locked in. So if you're in Toronto, head down to the party. If you live stateside, find a way to get your hands on a piece and smuggle it back into the U.S. 

Stussy Toronto Presale Party
1000 Queen St. West
Toronto, Canada
7 p.m. to 9 p.m.