Fans of hometown rapper Drake lined up outside the Stussy Toronto store today in hopes of snagging a free Nothing Was the Same T-shirt, longsleeve tee, or hoodie. The gear was being given away "Compliments of the Company" across the country, but Toronto fans were extra-hyped to support their city's very own.

Doors opened at 1 p.m., and in true pop-up shop fashion only 20 people were allowed in at a time. The scene nearly turned ugly when restless fans tried to bum-rush the door, and soon the brolic dudes required the assistance of Toronto police.

One cop was blown away that over 1,000 people were lined up along Ossington Avenue, and was simply not a believer in the hype. “Where’s the owl logo? These tees aren’t even that cool,” he said.

Guess he didn’t like the new album.

Photos by Eric Zaworski

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