Release date: Sep. 9, 2013
Photography: Jenna Pinch
Art direction: Kanye West, DONDA
Label: Def Jam

2 Chainz's album cover for B.O.A.T.S. 2: Me Time is as minimal, glistening, and memorable as the first (which Complex called the second-best album cover of 2012). Featuring two strands of Cuban links on a white background, B.O.A.T.S is deeply symbolic to the hip-hop world (Raekwon had an album of the same title) and "the trap," says 2 Chainz.

Working with Kanye's DONDA left nothing to chance for how rich and detailed the new 2 Chainz cover could be. The Atlanta rapper we still fondly remember as Tity Boi said that he watched Kanye himself Photoshop this image. "Actually, this cover right here," 2 Chainz told Power 106, "and I don't even know if 'Ye wants me to say it, but he actually Photoshopped [it]. Like he did something. I didn't know you could erase on the computer. This computer eraser. Move some stuff over. So, I was like 'Man, you slick a geek. I didn't know you was that smart.'" In case you doubted Kanye's promise to bring good design to the world through DONDA, let this album cover prove you very, very wrong. —Dale Eisinger