2013 was the year that Hood By Air broke out. "HBA" became a household acronym, and while the T-shirts were the darling of the Internet, the brand produced much more than just online hype. Shayne Oliver had shown during New York Fashion Week before, but the audiences at the underground shows were mainly composed of diehard fans and personal friends of the brand. This past February, a seat at the Hood By Air show was one of the most prized commodities of NYFW, and HBA put one one of the most wild shows in recent memory. Having A$AP Rocky close your runway show as the final model doesn't hurt, and Hood By Air was a brand so coveted that only a few choice celebs could get their hands on some items. The runway pieces were definitely abstract references at what Shayne has planned for the future, and Hood By Air has set a strong foundation to build upon from here on out. We have no doubts that the HBA team will come through with mind-bending work from here on out.