KTZ has been a favorite brand of guys and girls who go beyond the "street goth" label and are actually fascinated with gothic, macabre, and morbid expression via their personal style. While Kanye West and A$AP Rocky have definitely brought attention to signature pieces that are splashed with patches of campy horror imagery or are inspired by the cryptic symbols on old school gear worn by Russian Orthodox priests, the brand is much more than these instantly recognizable items.

Designers Koji Maruyama and Marjan Pejoski as well as CEO Sasha "Sasko" Bezovski have been behind one of the more technically complex and aesthetically ornate brands since the label first manifested as a creative space in 1996. If you're only aware of the brand's more popular pieces because of their celeb co-signs and reblogs, then KTZ's SS14 collection should be the catalyst that gets you to pull your head out of your own arse (it was shown in London, after all) and recognize the incredible amount of intricacy, elegance, and involvement that each piece brings to the table. 

If "Bedouin assassin from the future" is the look you're going for next spring, then just copy any of these runway looks and you'll be set. But if you're going for something a little more wearable, yet still progressive and pushing frontiers, there are plenty of pieces that can be incorporated on their own that fuck around with silhouette, size, and general acceptance of what is acceptable. Mix in these stand-out items with clothing that isn't as mind-jarring as KTZ's aesthetic, and you'll still be rocking a "Jawn Draper" steez that aggressively gives at least three middle fingers to anything else out there that's pre-conceived as normal. Which is exactly what Maruyamak Pejoski, and Bezovski have set out to do.