Year It First Dropped: 2011

H&M followed up their Lanvin collaboration with a delightfully loud capsule collection with Versace. Given the high end label's storied history in hip-hop culture, it wasn't surprising to see the exotic-sleeved varsity end up on a rapper. Except, the rapper it was seen on most prominently was Kanye West—and it hadn't even come out yet! Suffice it to say, that only served to further drive the hype for this collection, and that particular piece can be had for astronomical prices on the aftermarket. That isn't to say the rest of the collection isn't worth looking at. On the contrary, it manages to balance Versace's penchant for balls-to-the-wall "fashion with a capital F" craziness with classy pieces like tuxedo jackets, tailored trousers, and awesome pleated shorts with a beaded side stripe.