Did the success of the Nike shoe affect the decision to express the Wu-Tang heritage through other avenues?

Definitely one of the things. Yo, I still got people today that try and hit me up like "lemme get a…" What you think, I'm just sitting around holding Nike Dunks? It wasn't mad pairs like that anyway, so if you got some, you was lucky, you should have held on to them, but it is what it is, but it sparked the thought to try to come back to Nike and reintroduce that and also tweak and make a possibly new pair with them, 'cause thats whats poppin'.

The Nike Dunk is definitely a part of the heritage because its a part of the Wu-Tang brand, Wu-Tang Clan, and Wu Wear history.  It was the first for the genre — hip-hop and streetwear — there's no one that pre-dates that one. So yeah, you get to look back at those things as part of your history.

You guys collaborated with ALIFE for a couple years with the "A Wu-Tang Life" Collection, how did that come about?

The thought process behind the ALIFE collab was a no brainer. Prior to this there was no authentic Wu product on the market for a while. It would first serve as a barometer for where we would go with the  brand, and it was a great marketing tool which got the people fired up and looking around for what would come next. 

 Second, it would gauge the people's appetite for something dope and obviously Wu. it would also serve as the brand's re-entry into the marketplace. ALIFE had built a good, consistent business from scratch, much like the Wu Wear Model, the only difference was we had built in customers due to our following in music whereas they had to use their creativity to bring customers to them based on what they were doing. Of course, with them being influenced and inspired by Wu-Tang, it was an easy fit.

What other collaborations do you have in store for Wu-Tang Brand?

There ain't really gonna be too many collaborations or anything like that, but I'll definitely put something together with G-Shock. Something basic: nothing particularly super groundbreaking except for us coming together. You know what I mean? Respect and appreciation for both the brands. I'm also talking about doing something with Burton and the Nike stuff we just talked about. I'm looking to do that, bring that Dunk back. Revamp another one and possibly do a SB version.