A history of vision.

All this week we're celebrating the history of Stüssy, starting with part one of our extensive oral history of the brand. (Be sure to catch part two.) Today we got with Emmy Sinatra Coats, Shawn Stüssy's former right hand woman and the brand's de facto historian, to talk about their unique, visually arresting ad campaigns. Emmy's been there since the beginning, so having her tell the stories behind these iconic ads is truly an honor. We'll let her take it from here:

"From day one, Stüssy has never hired out ad agencies or creative consultants.  We have always created our own shoots and over the years they’ve come to represent different eras of our brand history.  We feel fortunate to have worked with amazing creative talents early on in their careers and to have such a great legacy of making images." 

Read on to rediscover Stüssy's raddest ads.

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