43. jeffstaple

Occupation: Founder/Designer, Staple Design

In what seems like a scene from"How To Make It In America," jeffstaple's career took off when he walked into a Triple Five Soul store in 1997 wearing a T-shirt of his own design. The manager dug it so much he placed an order for 12 right then and there. Later that year, Staple Design was established, with the Reed Space boutique opening up in 2002. Far from being done, staple would cement his place in New York streetwear's legacy when he designed the infamous Nike SB Pigeon. As far as style's concerned, jeffstaple's got it in spades. Decked out in the epitome of Lower East Side cool, he isn't afraid to switch up his T-shirt game into tailored button downs, knitwear, and colorful parkas.