CurT@!n$ is a New Yorker with a great sense of style. Just ask Kanye, who happened to call the Brooklyn rapper a "fashion genius" in our 2007 April/May issue. We asked CurT@!n$ to contribute to our Style channel with a 7-day lookbook. Peep what he has to say about what he wears and why he wears it. This is Day 1...

Day 1: This is my "I put some thought into looking like I put no thought into it" outfit. When I get dressed, I try to convey some sort of story about how I'm feeling at the moment. Today, I was feeling very rebellious and "don't give a f*ck."

BlackScale Hat: What's cool about this hat is that it's super simple, all black, with simple text, and a sword graphic—but, the green under the brim is what gives it that extra "umph." In resident "punk" style, I never wear this hat to the front—always straight to the back. 

Nike Sportswear "Destroyer" Jacket: This is my favorite piece in my entire closet. Honestly. I mean an all black wool/leather varsity? C'mon, that's golden. I hated the leather on the sleeves at first, but wearing it 5 times a week like a madman, it broke-in kinda lovely. The coolest detail about this jacket is the hidden zipper. I hate visible buttons and zips on shirts/jackets, so that extra flap hides the zipper and gives it a bit more mystique and character.
J.Crew Vintage T-Shirt: Well the shirt isn't actually "vintage" per se, but that's the effect they were going for in this shirt. The holes developed on its own through wear and tear. I never mind holes in my clothes, it gives it a story. What separates this shirt from others is that it's hand-knit. That's right, not your regular run-of-the-mill jersey stitched T-Shirt you're used to. That alone makes this shirt cooler and a bit pricier than normal.
BlackScale Shirt: This shirt looks pretty cool, but it looks even cooler hanging off of me. That's the quintessential punk look that I kind of infused lately. My whole style is rebel, punk, military, and rock meets a black tie affair.
H&M Belt: This belt is the best thing alive. I got it a few years ago and it's still in top notch condition, I literally wear it everyday. Once I find a piece I like, I stick with it. I'm very consistent and this belt is one of the key components to my wardrobe. If something doesn't look right with my belt, then I don't buy it. Point-blank.
Dior Homme Jeans: That's Dior Homme, not Dior homie... Sorry I couldn't resist. But meet the most important piece of my wardrobe: my black claw mark Dior Homme 19cm jeans. I've been wearing this model since '07. Not this exact pair but this exact style. This is the best pair of jeans ever.
Bottega Veneta Boots: I've been trying to get the perfect pair of boots for 4 years now. I'm a person who refuses to settle; if I don't find the right anything, I don't ever settle for second best. Anyway, I saw these boots in a Japanese mag and I knew from the first moment I saw 'em that these were the absolute perfect boots for me. A little like Doc Martens, but with slight yet important modifications. The height, the leather, and the sole are 100% perfect.