During the Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns game on Friday, LeBron James was filmed getting into a verbal confrontation with Suns point guard Cameron Payne.

The Lakers haven’t exactly had a great season so far and the team lost to the Suns 105-115 on Friday just days after losing to the Golden State Warriors earlier in the week. At one point during the particularly tense game, LeBron was seen exchanging words with Payne from the sidelines. 

“You was at your crib a year and a half ago, quit talking your shit now,” ‘Bron could be heard in the now viral clip. “Stay humble now, stay humble! You was at home a year and a half ago, now you wanna pop off? Come on, don’t do that.” Prior to the incident Payne had been trash-talking the Lakers, but it’s not exactly clear what he said to provoke a response from LeBron.

LeBron’s comments toward Cameron Payne wasn’t the only drama that came from the Lakers-Sun game. During the first half of the Friday match, Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard got into a heated exchange amid a timeout.

Following the match, Davis explained that the two have already sorted their issues with one another, and explained it was due to a blown pick-and-roll assignment. “Just a pick-and-roll scene,” Davis explained in a post-game interview. “We talked about it and we left it in the locker room at halftime.” Meanwhile, Howard said they “squashed it right then and there.”