Report: Tiger Woods and Erica Herman Split Subject of $30 Million Lawsuit

The news of the lawsuit comes following a report of Herman having cited the Speak Out Act as part of a push to quash an NDA she allegedly signed in 2017.

Tiger Woods is pictured with former girlfriend

Image via Getty/WILLIAM WEST/AFP

Tiger Woods is pictured with former girlfriend

Following word that Tiger Woods’ longtime girlfriend was attempting to have a judge intervene over a non-disclosure agreement, a new report adds additional insight into the apparent split and a resulting lawsuit.

According to a report from TMZ on Wednesday, the former couple’s apparent break-up—which was never publicly announced—is now at the center of a $30 million lawsuit against Woods’ private trust. That amount, per the publication, is what Erica Herman has claimed is the “reasonable rental value” for five years at Woods’ residence in Florida.

Why five years? Well, Herman claims that she and Woods had an oral agreement under which she would remain at the home for five years after the relationship ended. Woods’ team, however, is reported to have responded to this claim by stating that no such agreement about a five-year period of post-relationship residency was ever made between the two.

In court documents cited by TMZ on Wednesday, Herman has further alleged that she was initially told by Woods’ team to pack for a brief solo vacation. Upon arriving at the airport, Herman has alleged, she was informed that she could not return to Woods’ residence; more specifically, she had been locked out. Herman also claims that over $40,000 in cash she had at Woods’ home was “confiscated.”

For now, all of this has played out in the press, meaning neither Woods nor Herman have publicly commented. Earlier this week, Herman was reported to be citing the recently enacted Speak Out Act as part of an effort to have he aforementioned alleged NDA rendered unenforceable.

Woods and Herman began dating in 2017. When exactly the two broke up has not been confirmed; reports, however, point to the split having occurred at some point late last year.

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