Kai Cenat Stops by 'Nightcap' After Shannon Sharpe’s Height Remarks, Says He Should’ve Been Standing on Chair

Sharpe recently said Cenat is "three-foot-tall" when discussing Jaylen Brown's NBA Slam Dunk Contest performance.

Video via Nightcap

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Video via Nightcap

Kai Cenat made a surprise appearance on Shannon Sharpe and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson’s Nightcap show on Monday.

Naturally, Cenat’s recent performance in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game was swiftly made the center of the three’s discussion, with the streaming star arguing that he had “good defense” and “almost got two stops” during his time on the court as part of Team Shannon.

"Listen to me," Cenat said during the final segment of the episode. "I was supposed to go crazy, Shannon. Bro, I have a t-shirt of your face on their bro. The 'I be poppin' bottles, sparkles and champagne' [meme]. I feel like you let me down, bro."

Sharpe pushed back, noting that Cenat actually played 14 minutes total. He also admitted he was “skeptical” of Cenat’s skills on the court after seeing him during pre-game proceedings. At this point, Cenat referenced a video that ultimately showed him appearing to square off against younger players on the court as part of his practice process.

“Kai, you’re playing kids, bro,” Sharpe said, with Cenat arguing “they’re almost 13” and “they hoop.” But Sharpe was not convinced.

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Video via Kai Cenat Live

“Ain’t no way,” he offered. “That kid had on pampers.”

Cenat then detailed his hopes for the 2025 edition of the game, ultimately landing on a goal of 12 points after a back-and-forth with the Nightcap hosts. Per Cenat, he’ll be training for a year, while Sharpe says he’ll be hitting up ESPN.

“I’mma come back next year and coach,” Sharpe told Cenat. “I’mma request you on the team. I’ll give you 22 hard minutes.”

As for the 2024 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, Cenat’s appearance during Jaylen Brown’s final first round dunk was also discussed. Specifically, Cenat took issue with Sharpe’s recent remarks about Cenat’s height. As those who watched this year’s Dunk Contest know, Cenat was seated in a chair when Brown dunked over him.

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"Hold on. Why’d you call me three-feet?" Cenat asked. Sharpe explained that he did not intend for his comments to be "a knock" on him but instead a larger criticism of how the dunk in question was carried out.

"I thought I was gonna be standing up on a chair but he told me to sit down," Cenat said of the dunk. "I was confused. I didn’t know what to do. ... JB my mans, my boy. But goddamn, JB. You should have had me standing on that motherfucker."

See more up top. Kai Cenat shows up around one hour and 44 minutes into the episode.

Worth pointing out here is that Cenat's Nightcap appearance comes shortly after he shared a reaction to Sharpe's original comments, like so:

Dawg Kai reacted to unc Shannon sharpe talking about him on first take 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 pic.twitter.com/d9GQJSgtZV

— Shannonnn sharpes Burner (PARODY Account) (@shannonsharpeee) February 20, 2024

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