Blake Griffin Gets in Fan's Face: 'You Wanna F*ck With Me?!'

Blake's great game was ruined by one unruly fan.

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Blake Griffin scored 34 points against the Timberwolves Wednesday night, including knocking down 5-of-10 from deep, in a 129-123 overtime win where the Pistons trailed by 14 to start the fourth. Detroit was plus-15 (a team high) when he was on the court, and his presence in Detroit continues to breathe life into the floundering Great Lakes standup scene (outside Chicago of course). 

All of that is to say we shouldn't give Griffin too much grief for accosting an unruly Minnesota fan with less than 20 seconds left in overtime and the game still very much in doubt.

In the above video, you can see him stride toward the fan and ask—rhetorically, we're guessing, because the fan is already fucking with him—"Do you want to fuck with me?" Teammate Zaza Pachulia pulls Blake away before he pounces on the guy, but the fan obviously got to him. Blake stands 6-foot-10 with 250 pounds of chiseled muscle; of course this fan doesn't want to actually brawl. But Griffin was ready anyway.

Does the former Clippers equipment manager reside in the Twin Cities now? What did the fan say? You'd think a guy who moonlights as a stand-up comic would be a little more composed when faced with a heckler. 

The fan was ejected, the Pistons won, and Blake didn't have to break anyone's face, or his own hand to...defend his honor. After the game, the Associated Press reported that Griffin had been suffering from the flu before the game, so perhaps that's why he was on edge.

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