Ben Simmons' Twitter Comeback Was a Dud After a Boston Fan Mocked His Jumper

A Celtics fan created a funny 2K video to make fun of how Ben Simmons hardly ever attempts a 3-pointer because of how poorly he shoots. Simmons' Twitter comeback was pretty ho-hum, though.

Ben Simmons shooting

Image via Getty/Mitchell Leff

Ben Simmons shooting

It took a bit of online sleuthing for Ben Simmons to find a Boston fan's tongue-in-cheek jeering about the 2018 NBA Rookie of the Year's lack of a long-range game. Simmons’ handle was noticeably absent when @kennydoyle3 dropped this gem online showing Simmons' 2K19 character unable to shoot from beyond the arc.

Wow. @2k has made the game sooooo realistic this year...

— KJ Doyle (@kjdoyletv) September 7, 2018

At the end of the video, it says "coward" under Simmons' gaming doppelgänger.

Again, the tweet didn’t call out the Sixers star by name or handle, so it’s unclear how it got on his radar. But, we know he saw it because he came back on the Celtics insulting his facial hair.

If anyone's in the market for a @BenSimmons25 bobblehead that looks nothing like Ben Simmons ⬇️⬇️⬇️

— Ball Don’t Lie (@Balldontlie) September 10, 2018

Facial hair is a weird way to come back from a joke that stings because of its accuracy –– ask Bean. Before engaging in any future worldwide web-slinging, Simmons should talk to Joel Embiid about how to properly respond to hecklers on Twitter. The guy's facial hair might not be barbershop tight, but it's still a pretty hollow rebuttal, especially when considering the wispy 'stache and soul patch on the Sixers bobblehead that looks nothing like him.

It makes sense the troll video comes from a Celtics fan. Simmons has said they're the team Philadelphia is trying to topple in the East, after getting eliminated by them in the second round of the playoffs this past spring. Simmons' shooting was a big reason they weren't able to advance. 

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