On June 20, Kansas center Joel Embiid—the presumptive No. 1 overall pick in the NBA Draft—underwent surgery to repair a stress fracture in his right foot. Six days later the 7-foot Cameroon native did not go first overall and instead fell to third to the Philadelphia 76ers. For many players this would've been a time of frustration, anger, and possibly self-pity. "Why me?" a player in Joel's position might've asked as the screws in his foot literally screwed him out of millions of dollars.  But that's not Joel.  What did he do?

He took to Twitter.

Joel-Hans Embiid turned pro in more than just basketball last week, as his social media game has gone from NCAA student athlete to perennial NBA All-Star in a matter of days. Tweet-recruit the biggest free agent on the planet LeBron James? Check. Favorite a tweet comparing your penis size to his? Check. Block LeBron when he refuses to answer back? Triple check. And this was just over four days.

Let us celebrate the wonder that is MoJoJo's Twitter account. Here are 16 Reasons Why Joel Embiid Is Already The NBA's Twitter MVP.  #EMB11D