Shannon Sharpe on 'Undisputed' Exit: 'Look at the Subs. I Got More Subs.'

Sharpe's subscriber count has skyrocketed since his interview with Katt Williams went viral last month.

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Shannon Sharpe had some words about all the employers that have let him go, specifically Fox Sports' Undisputed, where he spent seven years alongside Skip Bayless before leaving in 2023.

On a new episode of Nightcap, Sharpe told Chad Ochocinco things have been going great since leaving Undisputed, and his subscriber count is proof of that.

"Ocho, CBS, let me go. I went to Undisputed and got bigger. Undisputed let me go now look at him," Sharpe said. "Look at the sub. I got more subs than Undisputed. You look at the talent they got over there, we got a new podcast and we got more subs than everybody they got over there combined. So they can't, I'm ok, I'm going to be ok, I believe in me. I'm always going to bet on Black."

He continued, "When something happens, I remember, I wanted a situation and my agent said, 'Hey don't worry about it, next contract somebody else will pay for what you lost. Ocho I don't get upset mann. It's not the end of the world. I'm strong, I'm born in '68 I came from good stock not wood stock. You better understand where I came from and how I came to be."

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Sharpe's subscriber count has skyrocketed since his interview with Katt Williams went viral last month. As of press time, Sharpe has 2.62 million subscribers on Club Shay Shay and an additional 979,000 subscribers on his Nightcap platform with Ochocinco.

Last month, Sharpe used an episode of Nightcap to respond to all the critics who had something to say about his interview skills and how he leWilliams dictate the pace and tone of their conversation.

"Leave him alone. I'm doing what I'm doing, obviously, 27 million people thought enough like, 'Oh, he's sitting down with Katt.' Word of mouth, maybe they saw a snippet or something, 'Maybe I need to sit down and watch this. It's two hours, 46 minutes, and five seconds," Sharpe said. "When was the last time somebody sat down for a non-sporting event, two hours, 46 minutes, and five seconds, and watched and listened?"

He continued, "That's a [Dallas] Cowboy game, that 27 million people. There's some sporting events that don't get watched by 27 million. That's what you're mad about. You not mad about I didn't cut this man off. You're not mad about that. 'Oh, those are your boys and you let him talk about your boys,' that's not what you're mad about. 'Oh, you're not even a journalist, he could have got so much more meat off the bone.' You're not mad about that."

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