Shannon Sharpe Responds to Criticism Over Katt Williams Interview: 'You Not Mad About I Didn't Cut This Man Off'

The three-time Super Bowl champion said people are just really mad about the episode going viral and grabbing 27 million views.

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Shannon Sharpe has given a reason why he thinks people are upset with how he handled the viral Club Shay Shay interview with Katt Williams.

On the Saturday episode of Nightcap, Sharpe took some time out of his conversation with Chad Ochocinco to address all the criticism he's been receiving thanks to his sitdown with the legendary comedian. People criticized Sharpe for not being a true journalist and allowing Williams to control the entire interview, where he made various shocking claims about fellow comedians such as Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer, and Kevin Hart.

According to Sharpe, people are actually mad at his interview with Williams because of how viral it went and how beneficial it is to his platform. At the time of writing, the clip has crossed the 30-million mark in views on YouTube.  

"Sometimes the only success they get to taste is taking a bite out of you," Sharpe said at the 47:11 mark. "Leave him alone. I'm doing what I'm doing, obviously, 27 million people thought enough like, 'Oh, he's sitting down with Katt.' Word of mouth, maybe they saw a snippet or something, 'Maybe I need to sit down and watch this. It's two hours, 46 minutes, and five seconds. When was the last time somebody sat down for a non-sporting event, two hours, 46 minutes, and five seconds and watched and listened?"

He continued, "That's a [Dallas] Cowboy game, that 27 million people. There's some sporting events that don't get watched by 27 million. That's what you're mad about. You not mad about I didn't cut this man off. You're not mad about that. 'Oh, those are your boys and you let him talk about your boys,' that's not what you're mad about. 'Oh, you're not even a journalist, he could have got so much more meat off the bone.' You're not mad about that."

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Sharpe went on to say that people are only upset that he was able to get 27 million viewers to tune in, as well as seeing an increase in his Club Shay Shay subscribers and Instagram followers. According to Sharpe, people are seeing the potential of his platform and the possibility of him getting another insanely viral moment.

The three-time Super Bowl champion also spoke about his role as a journalist during Thursday's episode of Nightcap. Sharpe said he never said he was a true journalist and always said he would try to give people big-time guests that may provide a story or two about themselves.

"I told you when I first started this, I said I'm going to try to bring you some of the biggest celebs, entertainers, and athletes I can bring, and I'm going to allow them to have a conversation and maybe tell you something or share something with you that they've never said," he explained. "That was it. I never said I was a journalist. I never professed to be a journalist. I'm an entertainer. If you want hard-hitting questions, '60 Minutes' is the platform for you. 'Dateline.' '48 Hours.' Go to Lester Holt." 

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