Russell Wilson Says God Told Him to Raise Baby Future After First Date With Ciara, Brings Up Bible and Joseph

The football player said he asked God if this is really what he wanted him to do.

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Russell Wilson has revealed God pushed him to raise Future and Ciara's son as his own. 

During an interview with Brandon Marshall on the I Am Athlete podcast, Wilson reflected on how he knew Ciara would be his person, which he said happened after he wrote down the type of woman he wanted in his life during a dinner with a friend. He met Ciara three days after writing that note and eventually fell in love with her. 

The Super Bowl champion revealed after he met the R&B singer and developed feelings for her, he was introduced to Future Zahir Wilburn, who was barely a year old then, and had a divine intervention that it was his responsibility to be a stepfather to the child. 

"When I walked in the room and I saw, you know, little Future -- he's nine months at the time or whatever -- he crawls in my lap and it was like, you know, this is going to be my responsibility," said Wilson around the 57:19 mark. "I remember leaving that night and God said, saying to me, 'Raising this child it's going to be your responsibility.' I prayed to God, asking 'Are you sure this is what you want me to do?' He said, 'Son, this is for you.'"

When asked was it scary to take on the role, Wilson replied, "Yeah, I think scary in just the sense of, not scary but it was just more so an opportunity, like, 'Ok God, this is what you want me to do?' You know stepping in to raise a child with Ci and this and that and realizing ok God I know she's the one for me but also I'm going to take this responsibility as well...I was ready for that."

"Even Jesus himself, like Joseph, he was a stepdad," Wilson continued. "I was like, 'Ok.' He wasn't biologically his. So ok God, you're going to give me this oppportunity to love the way that you were loved, the love that you want us to love."

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Ciara had Zaire in 2014 after she and Future were engaged to be married. However, the two ended their relationship the same year Zaire was born. Wilson began dating Ciara in 2015 and got married a year later while also having three children with her. 

During an interview with The Shade Room in September, Ciara shed some light on how Future co-parents their child. When the reporter asked about what co-parenting was like with Future, Ciara laughed for over 15 seconds

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