Gilbert Arenas Remembers When Ginuwine ‘Two-Pieced’ a Fellow NBA Player in the Club

Arenas said the NBA player was offended the singer sent him a bottle in the club.

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Gilbert Arenas once saw Ginuwine give an NBA player a two-punch combo to the face at a club in Washington, D.C.

On a recent episode of Gil's Arena, the three-time NBA All-Star recalled a moment when the R&B singer sent a bottle to another NBA player and was denied the gesture. According to Arenas, the player felt disrespected that a man would send him a bottle, so he had it sent back, and Ginuwine addressed the situation by having a conversation that led to a physical altercation. 

"I did see an NBA player get two pieced by Ginuwine in the club," said Arenas at the 28:30 mark before explaining how it happened. "Ginuwine was giving bottles out, respect, he would send a bottle over to him he would say, 'It's on me.' Right, so they give it to the dude, and Ginuwine was like [raises hand] right. The dude was like, 'I ain't gay, I'm not accepting no bottle from no man, send that shit back." 

He continued, "So you know the girl went over there, told Ginuwine what he said. I'm like, 'You didn't have to say he said the same thing,' right? So Ginuwine came over there, said some things, and then all of a sudden, wop, wop, wop. Like, 'Oh shit, he been practicing for this thing.' You can't get hit by ponies. No, he gave you 'In Those Jeans' hands."

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Ginuwine recently crowned Usher the King of R&B in an interview with TMZ. The singer was giving his thoughts on what's going on in the music industry and when he was asked about who were the King and Queen of Hip-Hop, Ginuwine said those titles belong to Nas and Missy Elliott. As for the King of R&B, Ginuwine crowned the Usher as the proper owner of the honor. 

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