People Are Mad The Quebec Government Paid $7 Million To Host Los Angeles Kings Exhibition Game

Many critics slammed the government for using public funds for an exhibition hockey game.

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The Quebec Nordiques aren't coming back but hockey in Quebec City will see the light of day for a couple of pre-season games in 2024.

The Quebec government provided a provincial government subsidy worth between $5 and $7 million in order to host the Los Angeles Kings for two games in Quebec City during the 2024 NHL preseason.

Given the substantial amount it cost the government to bring two hockey games to Quebec City, many people were not happy.

Following the announcement, many people, including regular citizens and rival party members voiced their disapproval of the cost.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, spokesperson for the opposing party Québec Solidaire, said, "The CAQ is passing the puck to the NHL rather than to the people who are struggling. Yes, I love hockey. But not at this price."

Gregory Kelley, a member of the Quebec Liberal Party, took to Twitter to state that food banks have been asking for a similar amount in funding.

"Food banks are still asking $8 million," Kelley wrote. "Thousands of Quebecers are hungry, Eric Girard [Quebec's finance minister]. It's more important than two hockey games."

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Earlier today, Girard doubled down on his decision to pay the large sum for the hockey games.

According to iHeartRadio, he said he did it so he could showcase Quebec City's publicly-funded arena and prove to the league that the city deserves a team.

In a reply to a tweet posting the article, one user pointed out that with that money, the government could have invested, at a grassroots level, in sports complexes around the province.

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Across Twitter, many criticized the government's priorities.

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Reporter Marc Dumont tweeted the initial story and received several replies calling out the subsidy and how others will benefit from the public funds.

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