‘The Drake Curse’ Is Being Blamed For Shohei Ohtani Signing With The Dodgers Over The Blue Jays

Ohtani was rumoured to be heading to Toronto before officially signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Friday was a day of highs and lows for Toronto sports fans.

First they thought a plane carrying MLB superstar Shohei Ohtani was on its way to Toronto to sign a mega contract with the Blue Jays, but it turns out he was still in California. Now he won't have to leave, since he signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers to a remarkable 10 year, $700 million contract a day later.

One Toronto sports fan following along was Drake. He's worn his Shohei Ohtani all-star jersey before, and he posted a pic on his IG stories when it seemed like the signing was imminent.

Drake posted this on his IG story yesterday 😅

Today Shohei announced he was going to the Dodgers pic.twitter.com/BvUlxQX6lB

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) December 9, 2023
Twitter: @BleacherReport

The Drake Curse has come up countless times before, where Drake will shout out a team only to have them lose. It happened to Canada's World Cup soccer team, the 2019 Maple Leafs, and more.

When Drake posted the original photo, everybody was just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Then Ohtani signed and everyone couldn't wait to blame the curse.

The Drake Curse remains undefeated pic.twitter.com/sRqlfwmRAc

— BetMGM 🦁 (@BetMGM) December 9, 2023
Twitter: @BetMGM

THE DRAKE CURSE https://t.co/vjNEm4xGOH pic.twitter.com/lsTVKGAS9v

— Stefan Breskin (@stefanbreskin) December 9, 2023
Twitter: @stefanbreskin

DRAKE CURSE OH BANG pic.twitter.com/DRFLOo02kj

— Addison (@YankeeWRLD) December 8, 2023
Twitter: @YankeeWRLD

The @Drake curse never fails 😱 pic.twitter.com/RXlrz5E8dH

— Bovada Casino (@Bovada_Casino) December 9, 2023
Twitter: @Bovada_Casino

The Drake curse is undefeated. Never lost. pic.twitter.com/8wWDm4DZmj

— OBVIOUS SHIRTS® (@obvious_shirts) December 9, 2023
Twitter: @obvious_shirts

The Drake curse is up there for greatest long-running bit pic.twitter.com/041e0LPH4X

— Mohamed (@MoeSquare) December 9, 2023
Twitter: @MoeSquare

For what it's worth, the Jays were rumoured to be in on Ohtani with a competitive offer, although other reports suggest Ohtani was planning on going to LA all along.

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