Roger Goodell, NFL Owners Tried Preventing Players From Making 'Ballers' Cameos

Mark Wahlberg claims Roger Goodell and some NFL owners were trying to stop their players from making cameos on the HBO show 'Ballers.'

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Ballers returns for a second season this Sunday, and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and some team owners couldn't be more annoyed. In an interview with ESPN's Mike & Mike on Friday, executive producer Mark Wahlberg revealed that there has been some resistance to the players' cameos on the HBO show.

Per the Washington Post:

“The first season of the show, the only call that I was getting was from guys like Roger Goodell saying ‘you can’t do this,’ and various owners in the league,” Wahlberg said. “And we’re saying is it’s actually a good thing for the league and for the players because hopefully you get the word out there with the crazy stuff and the financial side of it, we’ll hopefully get these guys to realize they gotta be more careful with what they do with their money.”

Wahlberg repeatedly stressed that keeping it "real" was the ultimate goal of the show. “We’re privileged to get in the real story,” he said. We want to make sure the key is to make it as authentic as possible no matter how outrageous it gets. We always surround ourselves with real guys." Ballers has already featured cameos from legends like Don Shula, and current players who include DeSean Jackson and Antonio Brown

Wahlberg revealed that Ndamukong Suh and Terrell Suggs would be making an appearance on the show, as well as dropping a pretty interesting teaser. "I can’t say who it is or what they’re doing yet because it’s a surprise and I don’t want to spoil the finale," he said. "But guys know that we make sure that we make it real.”

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