NFL Shop Will Once Again Allow Fans to Order Custom "Harambe" Jerseys (UPDATE)

The NFL is now banning you from making one of those sweet, custom "Harambe" jerseys.

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UPDATED 9/15/16, 9:20 a.m. EST:

As it turns out, the NFL Shop is not going to prevent fans from putting "Harambe" on the back of jerseys. According to ESPN reporter Darren Rovell, the word was accidentally banned but has now been removed from the list of banned words:

BREAKING: Harambe can once again be put on back of all jerseys, was listed as a banned word by mistake

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) September 15, 2016

See original story below.

If you were contemplating ordering a custom jersey from the NFL Shop with "Harambe" on the back, think again. ESPN's Darren Rovell was the bearer of bad news earlier today, revealing that the website is blocking anyone who tries to create a Harambe jersey.  

NFLShop now blocks fans wanting to get a HARAMBE nameplate on jerseys.

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) September 14, 2016

For some reason, the New Orleans Saints' Twitter account seemed to be very affected by this revelation. 

Sad but true 😞 #RIPHarambe

— New Orleans Saints (@Saints) September 14, 2016

The NHL's Minnesota Wild pointed out that their league's online store hasn't blocked the Harambe customization...yet. 

Well you can always get a #mnwild jersey... #RIPHarambe

— Minnesota Wild (@mnwild) September 14, 2016

The Saints went as far as to share an alternative option, suggesting fans put "Harambae" on the back of their custom jerseys.  

change it to HaramBAE and you are set

— New Orleans Saints (@Saints) September 14, 2016

Twitter user @nolan_elkin_17 may have discovered another loophole for those individuals who absolutely need to have Harambe on the back of their NFL jersey. 

found a loophole

— Nolan Elkin (@nolan_elkin_17) September 14, 2016

Before taking the field for their season opener this past Sunday, the Minnesota Vikings honored Harambe by incorporating the beloved gorilla into their pregame huddle. Maybe their gesture was the catalyst that led to the league making the change. Either way, the No Fun League is living up to their name once again. 

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