The spirit of the ubiquitously beloved gorilla Harambe lives on within the most unexpected places.

The Vikings set their season off by facing the Tennessee Titans in Nashville on Sunday. Before the game, Vikings players huddled up and got each other fired up by honoring Harambe. If you've ever been in a sports pregame huddle, or even witnessed one, it's usually one guy that is the voice to boost everyone's confidence, or your jump around to bring the team's intensity to the highest level like "GAME TIME! WOO!" or "3-2-1, (enter team name here)!"

But for the Vikings, you'll see in the clip above that it was "SPOONS FOR HARAMBE! AAAHH!" and then imitated the gorilla by pumping their fists in the air like King Kong just climbed to the top of a skyscraper.

Since Harambe was euthanized by authorities at the Cincinnati Zoo back in May, much of the internet continues to mourn the loss of the fallen primate via memes, crowd-sourced fundraisers, petitions and jokes to keep from crying like "Harambe didn't die for this." And let's also add those hecklers who attended the golf's PGA Championship in July, and now the Minnesota Vikings in this mix.

The Vikings ended up defeating the Titans 25-16 to start their season 1-0. Let's be fair to assess that Harambe gave the Vikings much inspiration to nab the W. She's up in Heaven looking down on the state of Minnesota as proud as she could possibly be with a Vikings hat on while beating her chest.

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