People Are Making Fun of Knicks Fans Following News of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving Joining Nets

It's hard out here for Knicks fans.

A general view of the New York Knicks logo before a game.

Image via Getty/Nathaniel S. Butler

A general view of the New York Knicks logo before a game.

Before the NBA free agency period even started, New York Knicks fans' lofty offseason hopes were crushed when the league's most reliable insider Adrian Wojnarowski broke the news a short while ago that Kevin DurantKyrie Irving, and DeAndre Jordan were going to sign with the Brooklyn Nets

After hyping up the possibility of Durant and Irving teaming up for months, the Knicks and their $71 million in cap space will have nothing big to show for all their efforts, and people couldn't contain themselves from dragging their fan base while they were already down. 

Statement from Knicks president Steve Mills:

please just let it end i cant do this anymore

It's hard out here for Knicks fans. The team even sent out a statement addressing disappointed fans. 

Current mood as a knicks fan....
Knicks can’t catch a break lol
Knicks fans: we gonna get Zion, kyrie, and KD. We back... WHAT IT DO BABYYYYY!

WOJ: the Pelicans get Zion. Kyrie and KD To the Nets. and Kawhi to the Lakers.

Knicks Fans right now:
James Dolan didn’t want to give Kevin Durant the max. The Knicks gonna choose Julius Randle over KD
Oh and @nyknicks fans I didn’t forget about y’all either 🤣🤣🤣
The Knicks signed Julius Randle, Taj Gibson, and Bobby Portis today. All play the same position

Knicks fans:

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