Jon Jones Admits He Still Drinks and Smokes Weed 'Every Once in a While'

"I was striving for complete sobriety. But, I am not ready for it," Jones said.

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On Ariel Helwani's MMA ShowJon Jones admitted that he still drinks and smokes pot "every once in a while." He also spoke about checking into a trauma and rehab center earlier this year for "sadness and addiction." 

Claiming that he's in a "very healthy place," Jones believes that he's "not ready" to embark on a completely sober lifestyle. "It was something I was striving for, especially going to rehab this summer. I was striving for complete sobriety. But, I am not ready for it," he said. "It is not who I was and it’s not who I am in my life or career. And I am at a place where I can be honest with myself. But, being in there definitely matured me a lot."

Drugs and alcohol have legally impacted his life in the past. In May 2012, Jones was arrested for driving under the influence after his car struck a pole. Three years later, Bones was involved in a hit-and-run incident after he ran a red light and collided with two other vehicles. When authorities searched Jones's car after he fled the scene, a pipe with marijuana inside was found in his vehicle. 

Jones is expected to face Alexander Gustafsson for the light heavyweight title at UFC 232 in Las Vegas on December 29. That is, barring anotherlast-minute setback. Skip ahead to the 20-minute mark to hear his take on his own sobriety, or whatever you want to call it. 

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