Jason Kelce Wants to Buy 'Backyard Sports' Video Game Series Rights and 'Get This Thing Going Again'

The last game was released nearly a decade ago.

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Jason Kelce tells brother Travis on the latest episode of the New Heights podcast that he has been "secretly looking into" acquiring the rights to the Backyard Sports video game series.

"I don't even know if I want to mention this because I've secretly been looking into seeing if anybody holds the rights to Backyard Football and Backyard Baseball because I want to buy it and get this thing going again," Kelce said at the 36:53 mark above. "That was the best game ever. It was so electric."

"Could you imagine playing Backyard Football right now on your phone?" he continued. "'Cause you can do that whole thing on your phone. It wasn't that complicated of a game...I love that game."

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About an hour and 20 minutes in, the two reminisce about playing Midway Games titles in the 1990s, specifically NFL Blitz and NBA Jam.

Backyard Football could end up replacing actual football for Jason Kelce, with speculation brewing about his future in the NFL. The 36-year-old told the Philadelphia Inquirer that he's unsure "what's going to happen for me," but wants to remain a part of the Eagles organization in some capacity, regardless of what decision he makes.

As the clock was running out in the final game of the Eagles' season earlier this month, Kelce was visibly emotional on the sidelines, leading many to wonder if he was playing in his final NFL game.

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ESPN's Adam Schefter reported the following day that Kelce told his teammates in the locker room that he's retiring.

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Jason shot down the report on his podcast, adding that no decision has been made.

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