One World Series Ticket in Chicago Will Cost You More Than a Super Bowl Ticket

Believe it or not, you would probably be better off buying a Super Bowl ticket than purchasing a ticket for the World Series in Wrigley Field.

wrigley field
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wrigley field

If you're thinking about getting a World Series ticket to watch the Cubs take on the Cleveland Indians at Wrigley Field in Chicago, save your money, and just buy a Super Bowl ticket. According to TicketIQ, the average asking price for one of the three games to be played in Wrigley Field currently stands at $6,048, compared to Super Bowl 50 which came in at $5,390. But hey, what do you expect when you pit the Cubs and their 108-year title drought against the Indians who have never won a championship in the franchise's 100-year history?

Given the possibility that the Cubs wrap up the series by Game 4 or 5, the average asking price to witness history in the 102-year-old stadium is $7,161.23, and $8,274.89, respectively. If the World Series goes back to Progressive Field in Cleveland for Game 6 or 7, the average asking price is a relative bargain at $4,299.23, and $5,509.29, respectively. 

After decades of heartbreak and repeatedly telling each other that "there's always next year," Cubs fans are four more wins away from capturing the ever-elusive Commissioner's Trophy. And judging from how their loyal fan base reacted when the Cubbies earned their first National League pennant in 71 years, you can only imagine what the scene would be like if they win the World Series in Chicago.

During the NLCS postgame ceremony, Cubs manager Joe Maddon told the crowd, "Four more and we can really have a party." Now, can you imagine being the middle of it all? If you can afford it, dropping nearly $10,000 on a ticket doesn't sound so crazy now. 

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