The Cubs being in the World Series is a monumental moment for their fans who have never seen their team get that far in the MLB playoffs.

But it's a true blessing to the elderly Cubs fans over 70 years old who can remember the year 1945, which was the last time the team made it to a World Series. That's the same year World War II ended and when the Baby Boomer generation came into existence. And if there are any Cubs fans who recall when the team hoisted their sole world championship banner in 1908 at Wrigley Field, they're probably vampires with no expiration date.

One  nice elderly Cubs fan named Dorothy Farrell witnessed Game 6 at Wrigley Field last night.

Farrell, a season ticket holder who has held the same front-row seat at Wrigley Field since 1984, was interviewed after by Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal about how elated she was being a witness of the historic event. The Chicago native said that she came from a family of Cubs fans, and how all of her brothers and father are now deceased. She told Rosenthal, "I just wish they were here to see this."

When asked by Rosenthal how she would celebrate the win, Dorothy, relaxed in her wheelchair and cheery as ever, briefly pondered the question and answered, "I'll probably have a Jägermeister," and ended her reply with a laugh. Later in the clip, Alex Rodriguez busted Cincinnati Reds icon Pete Rose's chops by saying, "She grew up watching you, Pete." Rose seemingly didn't like that joke too much.

As for Dorothy selecting Jägermeister as her celebratory drink of choice, let's hope she doesn't drink it too fast because that's the thing about Jägermeister— it creeps up and hits hard before than you know it.

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