Aaron Rodgers' Doppelganger Is in a Hilarious State Farm Commercial

Aaron Rodgers' doppelganger is getting all the perks in his absence.

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With Aaron Rodgers currently preoccupied with, you know, recovering from a persistent calf injury and preparing for his upcoming showdown with the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL Playoffs, commercials are the furthest thing from his mind at the moment. Luckily, State Farm was able to call in a sub in the meantime, his doppelganger Tom Wrigglesworth

Other than being a well-known British comedian, Wrigglesworth also shares a striking resemblance to the Green Bay Packers quarterback which you will realize by the first second of this latest State Farm. Then, when he speaks, you will come to the realization that yeah, that isn't Rodgers.

Still, who says Wrigglesworth can't enjoy the perks that go along with being Aaron Wroggers, er, Aaron Rodgers.   

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