Cam’ron Defends Having OJ Simpson on His Podcast: ‘If He Was Guilty, We Wouldn’t Have Him on the Show’

Cam'ron is unbothered by critics who were offended by O.J. Simpson being a guest on It Is What It Is and shared the strange story of how he got into contact with him.

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Cam'ron doesn't care about your opinion on O.J. Simpson being a repeat guest on his podcast, It Is What It Is. Their friendship runs deep, with Simpson even lending Cam his vintage Buffalo Bills uniform.

During his recent chat with Complex, Killa Cam shared what it took for Simpson to come onto the show (as advised by co-host Mase). The former NFL running back and actor was acquitted in 1995 after the nearly year-long controversial trial surrounding the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and her friend, Ronald Goldman. The only time that Simpson served in prison was from 2008 to 2017, as he was prosecuted for stealing sports memorabilia from the Palace Station Hotel in Las Vegas.

"It was Mase's idea to get OJ on the show," Cam told Complex. "We had a bunch of people we wanted to get and Mase was like, let's get OJ. So I started making the calls."

Cam's first contact was music executive Steve Stoute, who didn't have the slightest clue about Simpson's whereabouts but had another point of contact. "He said, ‘What the fuck you calling me for?’ About OJ? So why would I know where OJ is at?’" Cam recalled. Stoute then has a second option: Lionel Richie. "‘But let me call Lionel Richie and see if Lionel Richie knows,’" Cam recalls Stoute saying. "I'm like, you got Lionel Richie on the Rolodex n***a like just randomly."

Having Richie's contact information on standby paid off for Cam, who was able to get access to Simpson to appear on his show. "I spoke to one of OJ's people and we worked it out, man," Cam said. "I didn't even know OJ was staying in Vegas. So it worked out. It was like, oh, it was really perfect. We spoke and it was a done deal."

As for Simpson's 1995 verdict? Cam is a longtime supporter of the former sports star. "Look, if he was guilty we wouldn’t have him on the show," he said. "Y’all want to keep convicting an innocent man. He’s innocent. If it was somebody else whiter, y’all would say ‘oh he’s innocent.’"

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